Spanish (H) 2015: A manageable paper with some challenging vocabulary in parts


Comment/ analysis on Spanish paper (Higher Level) by Begoña de la Fuente, Spanish teacher at The Institute of Education.

In general this was a manageable paper with some challenging vocabulary in parts. Themes such as food, birthdays and sport appeared which were topical and accessible to students.

Students will be happy with the journalistic text in part b. The vocabulary and questions were clear and straight forward. Question 1, ii asked why English should be considered the most useful subject taught in schools. Weaker students may have found it difficult to identify the answer to this questions in the text.

This section explored the question of whether the end is arriving for the tradition of the siesta in Spain.

Weaker students might have found Question 1, part a slightly challenging.

The topics for the opinion pieces were nice and open (Change is a good thing / We must respect tradition) and gave excellent scope to students.

In the dialogue piece students might have been disappointed that there was no subjunctive as they would have prepared for this. Knowledge of particular vocabulary was required, such as peaches and grapes. Anticipated expressions such as looking forward to and to get on well with someone came up.

In the letter students would have been pleased to see food and diet in Spain appear, as they would have prepared language around this topic for the oral exams.

Similarly, in the diary the theme of celebrating a birthday came up. This would have been prepared for the oral exam.