Spanish (H): No surprises and plenty of choice

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Reaction to Leaving Cert 2022 Spanish (Higher Level) by Begoña de la Fuente, Spanish teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a nice, topical paper with no surprises and plenty of choice.

There was something for all levels on this paper, and students who practiced with past papers will be rewarded.

High achievers also had the opportunity to show their knowledge of tenses.


The journalistic text was an inspiring story about a Colombian immigrant who fulfilled her dream to work in NASA. The questions were straightforward and the vocabulary was familiar. In question 3 students had to translate sentences from the text into English. This was very manageable as many of the words were quite similar to English and students of all levels could have made an attempt here.

Similarly to last year, students only had to answer one out of two comprehensions in question 2, Part A. Normally they must answer both.

The first comprehension was about a young person who repairs mobiles for children without resources and the second comprehension was about the Greek police finding a Picasso painting.

The vocabulary in both was very accessible and the questions were very doable. Students would also have found the accompanying photographs helped with their understanding of the texts.


There was plenty of choice in this section and most students would have found the questions very approachable.

The theme of the working world and how work is changing appeared in the long article. Again, the questions were clear and straightforward and there were no unpleasant surprises

Like last year, students had a choice of 3 statements for their opinion piece in question 5. Normally they would have a choice of 2.

The choice of topics for the opinion piece was nice and relevant and most students would have had material prepared around these themes, especially technology.

a) Work is not the most important thing
b) Changes are positive
c) Everything is possible with technology


Like last year, students had to answer one from four here- the dialogue, letter, diary or note.

The dialogue was about summer camp in Malaga. If students had been practicing with past dialogues, there was nothing unexpected here. Students will also be happy that there was no subjunctive required. There were a few cases where the imperfect was needed, and this would have been more challenging to some students.

The letter was about the environment. This was a very nice topic and everyone would have prepared for this. The question was well laid out. It was clear what students needed to write about and there were plenty of prompts.

The diary entry was about holidays in Barcelona. Material from the oral exam would have been very helpful to students here. They would need to have known their tenses well, as a variety were required- past, present, progressive and future.

The note was about somebody who is working in a youth hostel. Again, students needed to know their tenses for this. There were some nice options and anyone who prepared with past papers will have found this quite manageable.