German (H) 2018: A fair and relevant paper

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2018 German (Higher Level) by Orla Ni Shuilleabhain, German teacher at The Institute of Education.

This was a fair, relevant paper that was accessible to all levels. Students would have found the paper challenging time wise. As in previous years, there was no scope for rote learning in any way, although some topics reflected themes the students would have covered for their oral exam.

Comprehension 1:
The first comprehension dealt with a chance meeting and the development of the relationship between two characters. It was very accessible, but the questions in German would have been demanding for the weaker student.

In the grammar section students had to label tenses. While challenging in parts, it was clear to understand.

Comprehension 2:
The second comprehension was very topical, and focused on a German translator married to an Irish man and her work as an interpreter in the European parliament. The questions were fair but students would need to have made sure they gave enough detail in their answers.

Section 2: Written Section:
This section was very fair and gave students good scope to use their oral material.
Topical themes such as energy strategies for the future and a meeting of young people in Strasbourg appeared here.

Topics that came up here included qualities of a good teacher and the Irish language. This gave decent scope to students.

Once again the essay was very topical and focused on themes including how digital technology has changed our lives, the use of smart phones while driving and how you can learn a language on a smart phone.