Spanish (H) 2016: A fair and accessible paper


Comment/ analysis on Spanish paper (Higher Level) by Begoña de la Fuente, Spanish teacher at The Institute of Education.

A fair, accessible paper that most students would have found manageable.

The theme of education and the recession in Spain appeared here. This was nice and topical and the questions were clear and straight forward, with no surprises.
The most challenging part of the paper was an extract about an accident that occurred when someone was taking a selfie. The vocabulary was quite specific and challenging here.

This section looked at the simple life that the ex-president of Uruguay choose to live after he retired.
The topics for the opinion pieces – ‘Life can be simple’ / ‘We have to do more for other people’, were nice and open and gave good scope to students.

Predicable structures appeared in the dialogue piece.
Unlike like year, the subjunctive appeared here, which students would be happy to see as they always put a lot of work in to preparing for this.
In the letter the topics were current and accessible.
In the diary entry students were asked to describe something funny that happened in class. This would have required a good grasp of the language and tenses etc.
The note very straight forward and nice.