Study Kit Essentials: Past Papers


Study Kit Essentials: Part Two – Focus on past papers for future success!

Past papers and, more importantly, the marking schemes, are your best friends when it comes to exam preparation! As well as helping to familiarise you with the exam structure and question format, they keep your revision focused.

Design your study around them in the following way and you can’t go wrong:

  1. Become totally familiar with the overall format of the paper. What sections are compulsory? Which are optional? How many questions must be answered in each?
  2. Look at the marks for each question and plan your timing for the exam.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the various terms used in the paper such as ‘comment’, ‘evaluate’ and ‘identify’. Highlight words and phrases you don’t understand. Become confident and familiar with the style of language on the paper.
  4. And now the really important bit…… study the marking schemes for the paper in detail. This is vital as it will give you an insight into what the examiners are looking for in each question.
  5. Practise past questions in exam like conditions (to a set amount of time, without access to your notes). Answering exam questions and then reviewing and marking your answer with the marking scheme can be a real eye-opener, helping you see in to the mind-set of the examiner and grasp the level of detail required.In the short tutorial below French teacher from The Institute of Education, Corinne Gavenda, shows us how French past papers can help you prepare for the Comprehension section of the French exam:

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