Study Kit Essentials: How To Make A Timetable


Study Kit Essentials: Part One – How To Make A Study Timetable

The best time to start your study preparation is now! Over the next three weeks The Institute of Education will be providing you with the essential tools for successful revision. We hope these practical resources will help you make the most of your revision time over the Christmas break and then start the New Year with improved skills and techniques.

Getting organised is the best place to start. It can be a great help to fill in your weekly timetable every Sunday evening, in preparation for the week ahead.

Make a monthly timetable for each subject and a weekly timetable for all subjects. Be specific about what you plan to study in each subject. For example, in English this week you might revise the poetry of Emily Dickinson. The sample monthly timetable below will provide you with an easy-to-understand guide of how you might approach your English study topics and the sample weekly timetable demonstrates how this English revision might fit in with the rest of your subject revision:

WeeklyPlanner_Sample WeeklyPlanner_Blank


Stick the timetable to a wall in your study area and use it to plan your homework and study hours. Remember, it’s never too soon to begin your preparation! Find out more about how we can help you make the most of your revision time over the Christmas break…