Studying abroad- what are your options?

Left to right: Fina Hayes who has secured a place at Bristol University to study medicine; Joseph Collins is going to Trinity College Cambridge to study Law; Caragh Courtney will go to the University of Delaware (USA) to study Business on a tennis scholarship; Lauren Byrne has been offered a place to study Speech and Language Therapy at Strathclyde University in Scotland.


A significant number of 6th year students make applications to universities and colleges outside of Ireland every year. The majority of these consider the UK as their main option. Increasingly, however, many students are now looking towards mainland Europe and the US to find a course of their choice. The application process takes time and effort but it is a worthwhile option to consider.


High fees in England and Wales have discouraged many from applying to college there. However, the fees in Scotland are the same as throughout the rest of the EU and this makes courses there a very attractive alternative. Students apply through a central office called UCAS. The most in demand courses are in the Medical field.

United States

These 6th year students from The Institute of Education have applied to study in the USA and to date two have had places confirmed. Sam Flattery has secured a place at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania to study Computer Science (the university is ranked in the top 3 worldwide to study this subject), and Caragh Courtney has been awarded a Tennis Scholarship to study in the University of Delaware.

As well as dealing with the college itself directly, students interested in studying in the US must make a general application through the CommonApp.


An increasing number of our students consider Italy and Poland for Medical degrees through English. While The Netherlands is very popular for a wide range of subjects through English including Politics, Business and Law, Medicine is not a real option as years 4-6 must be studied in the Dutch language. A useful website for students interested in applying to college Europe is

Congratulations to the following students from the Institute who have received guaranteed places for September 2018;
Sam Flattery Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, USA; Fina Hayes, Medicine at Bristol University UK; Joseph Collins, Law at Trinity College Cambridge, UK; Lauren Byrne, Speech & Language Therapy, Glasgow Caledonian; Tara Mulally, Pharmacy in UCL, London.

Several others are still waiting on decisions and we wish them all the very best of luck.