Want to learn more about the full-time virtual school at The Institute of Education?

The Institute of Education will hold a virtual Open Evening for our full-time virtual school on Thursday 22nd October at 5:00pm.

At The Institute of Education our priority will always be to provide a safe environment for all our students and staff, so that nothing will distract from the focus on tuition and learning. We have made significant investments to both our physical and digital infrastructure over the past number of months. Students who wish to join our virtual school for the 2020/21 academic year now have the option enrol as full-time virtual students. Virtual students of The Institute will have access to their full timetable of classes and student supports. Our virtual school would be best suited for students living significant distances from our Dublin campus or who are physically unable to be present in a full-time school.

On Thursday, October 22nd we will hold a live webinar for students and parents who are interested in enrolling in our 5th and 6th year full-time virtual school. As well as hearing presentations from our school management and teaching teams students and parents will also have the opportunity to ask questions via our live Q&A forum.

To register for this event please indicate which year you are interested in by clicking below and completing the registration form. You will receive your log in details in advance of the webinar which takes place at 5:00pm on Thursday 22nd October. You can access and participate in the webinar from any location and the event will last approx. 45 mins.

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At The Institute of Education there are no constraints in terms of subject choice. With 25 subjects available, students have the flexibility to choose the combination of subjects that best fits their strengths, interests and future aspirations.

Some subjects are also offered at both a regular and fast-paced learning, to suit different learning styles and abilities.

Our departments are staffed by focused and dedicated teachers who have a wealth of experience preparing students for the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate exams.

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