We are the champions! Football at the Institute

Football at the Institute
By Matthew O’Kelly, 5th year full-time student at The Institute of Education

Most associate The Institute of Education with just academic excellence. However this could not be further from the truth, as sport takes on an important role in our lives here too.

As an incoming 5th year I found the football team an excellent way to make new friends and settle into my new surroundings, and as a 6th year it is a welcome break from a hectic week of school and study.

The matches this year between the 5th and 6th year were fairly tense affairs. We split into four 6th year teams and two 5th year teams, operating in a Round Robin system until only two 6th year teams remained.

It should be noted though that both 5th year teams made it past the first round, although in the end, the 6th years’ superior experience prevailed!

The highlight for many of us each week is when we get on the coach to Sportco for a kick about with our coaches Keitho and Jean and on behalf of everyone involved in football this year, I would like to thank them for making it all possible.