What will I do if my Leaving Certificate results are not what I expected?

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Mary Dorgan, Guidance Counsellor at The Institute of Education, offers some advice to students who may not have received the points they were hoping for in their Leaving Certificate…

The past is the past and there is no point in beating yourself up about your Leaving Cert results. For a variety of reasons, illness, family trauma, and wrong poets coming up, misunderstanding some examination questions, perhaps it didn’t go your way.

Adding up points is a terrifying experience for everyone. Some students get their envelope and immediately know that they have what they want. If this is you, you do not need to read on! Be delighted and accept your place. If you aimed high and achieved over 500 points, then you are one of only 8% of candidates.

If however, you are one of the thousands of students whose results are not what you hoped for, you need to remember three essential points. Firstly, this is the moment to stay calm and analyse your results, possibly getting some independent help. Secondly, a good result is getting one of your top choice courses. Your number two or three may be the right course for you, though you don’t know that now. Thirdly, you have the option of applying to view your scripts on Friday, 30th (6pm- 9pm) or Saturday, 31st August (9am- 12pm and 2pm- 5pm). You can then request a recheck. So much can be learned from this experience and there is the possibility of scoring higher on rechecks.

Finally, if you passionately want a particular course and don’t make it this time, bear in mind that repeating is an option. In my experience in the Institute, many students who are determined on one particular course may repeat and get their choice next year.