Work experience in FM104

Two of our 4th year students were recently selected to complete a week’s work placement in the Dublin radio station FM104. In the article below Sean McGovern, one of the students selected, tells us a bit about his experience.

My week of work experience in FM104 was amazing.

To start with, we got to meet everyone who has anything to do with the radio station- the Heads of Sales, Marketing, Production, News and even the CEO of FM104 and Q102, Margaret Nelson.

Everyone gave us a talk on what exactly they do in radio. With that information we were then put into groups and tasked with making an hour of radio. We were told that the best hour would be broadcast live on air.

This helped us to learn everything that a typical radio programme has- ads, news, links and a competition, that we scripted ourselves.

Towards the end of the week, after we had scripted everything, we got the opportunity to record in a studio. We then had to present our hour of radio to the CEO, as well as the local and national Manager of Sales, Manager of Social and Manager of Marketing.

The presentation was held in a cinema and we had to present a slideshow that included a run down of our show, including audio clips.

The winner of the competition was chosen and we were all presented with awards and congratulated on completing our week of work experience.