HPAT Preparation 2-Day Online Workshop

27th & 28th January 2024 from 10am – 4pm

This 2-day online workshop aims to prepare students for the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT), working through sample questions and developing the skills, strategies, and confidence to reach their potential in this important exam.

Tuition will be delivered online, and students will receive their course login details via email.

Tuition will be supported by our comprehensive class notes which will be delivered to registered students.

Please Note: Students who register after 10am on Monday 22nd January, are advised that class notes may not arrive in advance of the workshop.

What is the HPAT?

The Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT) Ireland examination is the test selected by the Irish Medical Schools for undergraduate entry into medicine.

The examination is independently administered by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) and tests a range of skills that are not tested in the Leaving Certificate. These skills include problem-solving, data-interpretation, logical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and an assessment of a candidate’s ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour, and/or intentions of people.

About our Workshop Tutor: Colin Irwin

Colin Irwin is a UCC law graduate, RCSI medicine graduate, and currently working as a doctor while on the Southwest GP training scheme. 99th centile HPAT result in 2011 and teaching HPAT for 10 years. Colin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his HPAT courses.

Students attending this online workshop receive the following benefits:

  • Tuition from highly qualified and experienced educators.
  • Full length mock examination, under simulated HPAT conditions. Students attending the course are permitted to keep this sample exam.
  • Sample Exam questions (equivalent to 5 full sample exams).
  • Worked solutions to the HPAT Ireland Practice Test I, Test II and ALL sample questions provided to students during the course. These resources are invaluable as they demonstrate to candidates the logic of each question and allow students to identify the pitfalls and traps that exist in HPAT style questions.
  • Comprehensive course notes, which support class tuition. In addition, students are issued with class notes which are worked through during the Course.
  • A guide to the logic and reasoning behind HPAT style tests.
  • Strategies for maximising performance on the day.

The Institute of Education has invested significant time and resources in developing the materials above. We have also reviewed the materials that are available to purchase and believe that the only additional materials that students should purchase are the HPAT Practice Exams. This material may be purchased from: https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/prepare/practice-material

Course Content - Day One

This session deals with the following three sections individually:

  • Logical reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Understanding people.
  • Non-verbal reasoning.

Students work through sample questions in detail and are also given the opportunity to try some questions for themselves, allowing them to apply the strategies provided and develop their confidence and exam skills.


Course Content - Day Two

This session deals with the following topics:

  • Review of the major strategies discussed in Day One.
  • Students sit a full HPAT-style examination under realistic conditions, giving them invaluable exam experience.
  • Analysis of exam results, which allows students to gauge their progress and highlight sections that require further work ahead of the exam.
  • Focus on time management, setting realistic and effective study plans and managing your workload.

All these topics are intended to help students achieve their potential in both the HPAT-Ireland Admissions Test in February and in the Leaving Certificate in June.

Sat 27th January 202410am- 4pm
Sat 28th January 202410am- 4pm

Please note:

  • All classes take place online.
  • Login details to access the course will be emailed directly to the student closer to the course start date.

Please note:

  • Credit Card payments accepted
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, attending the same courses. Please contact our office to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable
  • Login details to access the course will be emailed directly to the student closer to the course start date.

Q: How do I access my classes?

A: Login details will be emailed to students approx two working days after booking.

Q: My son/daughter cannot attended the course. Can we buy the notes?

A: No. Teaching is a central part of all our courses. The notes are to facilitate recall and revision of the day’s work covered by the teacher.

Q: Am I entitled to the notes from classes that I was absent from?

A: Yes,  please contact our office on 01 6613511 or email help@instituteofeducation.ie