Science Department

Teachers in our Science Department have written text books for both the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate syllabus and have a deep understanding of the exam system.

Dedicated, staffed laboratory spaces and kitchen areas accommodate the full range of science subjects, with hands-on, practical classes in every subject.

Students learn in a safe and comfortable environment with the latest equipment and the best teaching methods. Fully qualified technicians are also employed to help support and improve the student’s practical knowledge.

Agricultural Science involves the study of the science and technology underlying the principles and practices of agriculture. This is an excellent option for students already studying Biology and/or Geography as there is overlap in course content. It is also recognised as a laboratory science subject for almost all 3rd level courses including nursing. At the Institute, students are provided with everything they need to maximise their marks in the practical and written aspects of this course, from detailed and comprehensive study notes to dedicated farm trips and laboratory practicals in our modern, well equipped labs.


Why study biology for the Leaving Certificate?
Many third-level courses in Ireland require at least one science subject and some even require two. It is therefore a good idea to have at least one science subject at Leaving Certificate level to keep your CAO options open.

What sort of students does biology suit?
Biology requires a lot of memory work so is a good choice for students with a good work ethic, who have a strong attention to detail. Those who enjoyed higher level science at Junior Cycle level might wish to consider taking biology for the Leaving Certificate.

What is the approach to teaching Biology at the Institute?
Students at the Institute cover the practical and theory elements of the course, and are encouraged to participate actively in class by asking questions and taking notes. Regular testing and homework is a constant feature of the classes, and students are provided with precise, exam-focused notes for every topic covered. Students are continuously made aware of the marking scheme and how this applies to questions they are answering. Certain topics, which continuously appear year after year, are highlighted by teachers as a core component of revision.

From September 2020, 5th year students at The Institute of Education will have the opportunity to study computer science for the Leaving Certificate. Computer science is the study of computing and algorithmic processes. The Leaving Certificate syllabus will explore how programming and computational thinking can be applied to the solution of problems and how computing technology impacts the world around us.

Computer science at The Institute of Education will be taught by tutors from The Academy of Code. The Academy of Code is an organisation of TechEd specialists, who have a wealth of experience in teaching computer science and delivering coding classes throughout Ireland. Their tutors are drawn from academia and the tech industry, and in some cases both.

What is Home Economics?

Through studying Home Economics (Scientific and Social),students can develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to live and adapt to the rapidly changing world around them.

Why study Home Economics for Leaving Cert?

Home Economics provides a basis for all students for post school life but particularly for students who have a keen interest in Science based subjects (Medicine, Bio Chemistry, Nursing, Dietetics).It overlaps with a number of Senior Cycles subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science and Business.

What sort of student would Home Economics suit?

Home Economics suits students who like learning facts and who are able to retain a lot of detailed information, those who have a keen interest in the changing  shape of our daily lives and our response to these changes.

Approach to teaching Home Economics at the Institute.

Home Economics is taught in a very organised manner. Students learn how to structure their own personal study plan, to use time efficiently when studying. Students will learn how to develop higher order thinking skills which not only apply to answering questions in the Leaving Cert but to future College exams and beyond.

Why study physics for the Leaving Certificate?
Students interested in engineering, computer science and medical courses often choose physics as a subject for the Leaving Certificate. Generally it is wise to study at least one science subject at Leaving Certificate level.

What sort of student does physics suit?
The ability to understand concepts is the key to physics at Leaving Certificate level. As a subject, it requires a small amount of memory work.  A student who enjoys, and is above average at maths would be well able for physics at Leaving Certificate level

What is the approach to teaching physics at the Institute?
Explaining concepts in simple and precise language is the cornerstone of the Institute’s success in the teaching of physics. Students are encouraged to ask questions in class and to listen to and be respectful of the questions of others. Every part of the syllabus is covered with a high level of concentration on the solutions to previous exam questions.

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