Guidance Counselling

A welcoming, helpful approach is key to guidance at The Institute of Education.

Whatever path a student wishes to take, our team of fully qualified guidance counsellors has the knowledge, resources, enthusiasm and expertise to support each student individually as they make key decisions about their future.

Our aim is to ensure all students are studying to their individual strengths and on a pathway that will help them unlock their full potential.

Support & Advice

We dedicate as much time as each student needs to make informed decisions about subject choice for the Leaving Certificate, and guide them through the process of gathering information, considering their options and completing the necessary applications for third-level.

One-To-One Guidance
There is no limit to the amount of time students can spend with the experts in the Institute and they are encouraged to make as many one-to-one appointments as they need. Parents and guardians are invited to participate in these meetings if they wish.

Interview Preparation
We help students develop interview skills and techniques for specific college courses.

Assistance is provided in completing college application forms, finalising references and submitting applications.

Personality & Aptitude Profiling
We offer all students the opportunity to do a ‘Centigrade Interest Test’. Centigrade is an assessment programme exclusively aimed at college applicants. It assesses students’ interests, abilities and personal qualities and helps them select appropriate higher education courses based on their preferences.

Counselling Service
We have a strong focus within the Institute on helping students with awareness and management of their mental health and wellbeing. Regular talks are held on dealing with anxiety and stress management, and we are available to meet with students to talk about any issue that might be affecting them throughout the year.

CAO Talks
A series of CAO talks takes place in November, December and January each year. Students and their parents are encouraged to attend one of these talks, which are intended to demystify the CAO application process and answer any questions students may have in advance of their college application in February.

Our annual Career Fair takes place each October in the school. This event provides the opportunity to gain a real insight into third-level options and possible future careers.

Students have the opportunity to meet representatives from Ireland’s leading colleges and universities, who provide the latest information on courses and admission requirements.

Experts from a range of industries also give a series of talks that focus on potential careers and relevant third-level course options.

Meet Our Guidance Counsellors

Aoife McArdle

Aoife McArdle - Guidance Counselor

John McGinnity

John McGinnity

Liz Carey

Aoife, John and Liz have a wealth of experience and insight. They work closely with all our students, encouraging them to make assertive, independent and informed choices about their third-level options and future careers.


Student Support

Our student support team is a central part of the Institute and is committed to working with our students.

A team of academic mentors are available throughout the year, providing students with individual guidance, support and encouragement when needed.

Students whose special educational needs may impact on their academic progress are placed under the guidance of our resource teacher, Helen Casey, who ensures that they have access to the learning support they need.

Meet Our Student Support Team

Our experienced student support team ensure that all students can access learning support when needed, helping them perform to the best of their abilities, and optimise their time in the Institute.

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We are currently accepting applications for the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 academic years. To learn more, please contact our friendly and supportive Admissions Team.

Career Guidance News

Career Guidance News

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