4th Year Programme

The 4th year programme at The Institute of Education is as individual as each student. Everything the student needs to transition successfully into the senior cycle is provided, creating the perfect balance between academic focus and personal development.

This provides for a transition year in the truest sense, where students can become independent, self-reliant young adults with the drive and aspiration to achieve their true potential.

Virtual Open Evening

We will hold a virtual open evening for 4th year students at 5.15PM on Thursday, 28th May 2020. At this event we will outline our unique approach to 4th year and what makes our learning environment and school community so special. If you would like to register for this event please click on the link below.

4th Year | Three Year Leaving Certificate Programme

Students entering 4th year at The Institute of Education complete our Three-Year Leaving Certificate Programme. The course format is as follows:

4th Year:

  • International examination opportunities.
  • Get a head start on Leaving Certificate subjects.
  • Sample up to 4 subjects each term.
  • Flexible timetable allows for extra-curricular activities & work placements.
  • Personal development opportunities.

5th Year

  • Teachers will have completed 70% of the Leaving Certificate syllabus in most subjects by the end of 5th year.
  • Preparatory work undertaken for assignments and project course work for the Leaving Certificate.

6th Year

  • Entire Leaving Certificate syllabus completed by February.
  • Exam preparation and revision commences in March.

4th year students at the Institute can pursue a selection of international examination opportunities throughout the year. These exams are ideal for students in 4th year, giving them an academic goal to work towards during the year.

Cambridge International IGCSE
As a recently accredited Cambridge International School, the Institute has become the first school in the Republic of Ireland to include the Cambridge International IGCSE as an option within its 4th year programme.

Students now have the option to study the following subjects at IGCSE level:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Maths
  • Physics

There is significant crossover between the IGCSE and the Leaving Certificate, and studying for this qualification enables students to develop their subject knowledge and the skills needed to support a smooth progression to the Leaving Certificate.


Language Qualifications
In addition, 4th year students at the Institute also have the option to study for the following language qualifications:

  • French DELF
  • Spanish DELE
  • German Goethe

These exams are held in collaboration with the Alliance FrançaiseInstituto Cervantes and Goethe Institut.

With 26 Leaving Certificate subjects taught in the Institute, many 4th year students take the opportunity to sample different subjects and levels before fully committing to them in 5th year. Students can experiment with different subjects, selecting a total of four each term. Towards the end of the academic year an experienced career guidance team then assist students and parents in selecting the appropriate subjects for 5th year.

The 4th year academic programme helps students establish a solid foundation in key subjects such as maths and English, before going on to tackle the fuller syllabus in 5th and 6th year. For students who need to build their academic confidence prior to entering the Senior Cycle, the programme provides an extra year to reinforce the basics, developing valuable study and classroom-based skills.

Our new online learning support programmes offer students unique flexibility and accessibility to a range of online tutorials and resources. This provides students with the opportunity to learn and revise at their own pace while supported by the Institute’s renowned school programme.

The 4th year programme at the Institute provides exceptional flexibility for students wishing to pursue sports, extra-curricular activities or work placement during the year but who also wish to maintain a strong academic focus. Timetables are designed with the help of teachers and guidance counsellors by selecting subjects on a day and at a time that suits their extra-curricular commitments.

Life experiences make us who we are, and 4th year at the Institute provides students with a structured blend of academic and developmental opportunities. The programme is designed to give each individual student the space and stimulus to grow, learn and explore their talents and abilities.

Students take part in a variety of courses throughout the year, such as Irish sign language training, life coaching, fitness and well-being classes, barista school, driving lessons and more. School trips and excursions also give students an opportunity to make new friends and engage in experiences not available in the classroom.

For many students, exploring career options through work experience is also an essential part of 4th year. At the Institute, we encourage this and can facilitate work experience during the academic year. We know that our students will benefit most when they are supported with the time and opportunity to learn about and explore their ambitions.

4th Year Academic Calendar 2019 / 2020

Thur 30 Aug 2019Assembly day
Wed 4 Sept 2019Classes commence
Fri 25 Oct 2019Mid-term break
Mon 4 Nov 2019Classes resume
Wed 18 Dec 2019Christmas holidays begin
Mon 6 Jan 2020Classes resume
Fri 14 Feb 2020Mid-term break
Mon 24 Feb 2020Classes resume
16 & 17 March 2020St. Patrick’s Day
Fri 3 April 2020Easter holidays begin
Mon 20 April 2020Classes resume
Mon 4 May 2020May Bank Holiday
Mon 15 May 2020Classes end
Mon 18 May 2020Summer exams begin
Tues 26 May 2020Summer exams finish

The Institute of Education offers two different options for the payment of fees for the 4th year full-time programme for the academic year 2020/2021.

Option AAmount
Single Payment€5,950
  • Deposit to secure place, post interview: €500.
  • Balance payable on or before Thursday 3rd September 2020.
Option BAmount
Part Payment€5,950
  • Deposit – to secure place, post-interview: €500.00
  • 50 % Balance payable on or before Thursday 3rd September 2020: €2,875.00
  • Remainder Balance payable on or before Thursday 22nd October 2020: €2,875.00
Option CAmount
Monthly Direct Debit€6,250
  • Deposit, to secure place, post interview: €500.
  • 5 direct debits of €1,150 (Aug 2020 – Dec 2020).


Please note:

  • A deposit of €500 is payable to secure a student’s place. This deposit does not entitle a student to attend classes.
  • In the event of a student cancelling their application for any reason, before commencement of the school year, the Institute will refund the fees, less €200 administration fee. If the student leaves after the commencement of the academic year the Institute will retain the deposit of €500 and a proportionate amount of the fees.
  • No refund of fees after 1st January 2021.


Download The Institute of Education Day School BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS


We are still accepting enrolments for 4th, 5th and 6th year for the current academic year (2019/2020). Please contact us on 01 6613511 for details.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 4th year programme at The Institute of Education.


Q. What is the procedure for entry to the 4th year programme?

Full details regarding entry can be found on our Admissions page. Interested parties can also contact the school to request information. Completed application forms must be returned with the requested documentation. Interviews with students & parents will then be scheduled.


Q. Will all students who are interviewed for 4th year be accepted?

No. The interview process selects students who meet the criteria and whom we feel will best benefit from our programme.


Q. Will my son/daughter have guidance in choosing subjects?

Yes. We have a dedicated and experienced guidance team to assist students and parents in selecting the appropriate subjects and levels.


Q. What is the dress code?

There is no uniform in The Institute of Education, but all students must present themselves neatly and dress appropriately for a school setting. Inappropriate dress will not be tolerated.


Q. Are there any extracurricular activities?

Yes. There is a range of activities from which students may choose: e.g. soccer, kickboxing, self-defence, lifesaving, ECDL, debating, chess & creative writing.  All activities are subject to numbers.


Q. Will my son/daughter have access to computers?

Yes. There is a fully equipped supervised computer room where students may undertake Leaving Certificate projects.


Q. What is the disciplinary procedure?

The disciplinary procedure is fully outlined in our Institute of Education Code of Behaviour and Discipline Booklet which is sent to students who have accepted their place and paid a deposit. Students and parents /guardians must agree to comply fully with the rules of the school and indicate their acceptance by signing the relevant agreement sheet.


Q. What happens during a free class?

Students must either be in class or in supervised study.


Q. What are the lunch facilities?

There are two lunchrooms for students who bring a packed lunch. There is also a canteen on campus, which serves hot and cold food for those who wish to buy lunch. Students may not leave school during the lunch break.


Q. May students leave the school at other times?

No. Students must never leave the school without permission. Parents must contact the school in the event of a student needing to leave for any reason (as stated in the Code of Behaviour & Discipline document).


Q. What happens if a student cannot come to school/ is going to be late/ has a doctor’s appointment etc?

Parents must take responsibility to inform the school before 10.00am if any of the above situations occur – otherwise the student will be marked absent. If visiting a doctor or dentist, a note from same must be provided.


Q. How can parents keep track of their student’s progress?

There are a number of ways in which parents may do this. Class tests are available through our online system – Moodle.  There are Parent-Teacher meetings in February & parents will also receive end of term results at Christmas, Easter & summer. Parents can also contact the school to discuss their student’s progress.


Q. Is there any pastoral care in the school?

Yes. Students may meet with the Guidance Counsellor and/or the 4th year Student Advisor to talk through any issues or concerns.


Q. What happens when my son/daughter finishes school each day?

The Institute of Education is not responsible for students once they leave the building. However, we strongly advise parents/guardians to be vigilant and to monitor the time and activities between leaving school and arriving home.


Q. Will students transfer automatically to 5th year at the end of 4th year?

No. Behaviour, academic performance, attendance and punctuality in 4th year are all taken into account in deciding progression to 5th year.

4th Year News
4th Year News

A Unique Combination

The 4th year programme at the Institute provides a unique combination of academic focus and tailored pastoral care, ensuring a holistic approach to both education and personal development.

Throughout the year students are encouraged to try new subjects, learn new skills and explore new opportunities for personal growth. We believe that with the right support and encouragement they can achieve and even exceed their expectations.

See what our teachers and 4th year students have to say about the programme in this short video.

A Unique Combination

The 4th year programme at the Institute provides a unique combination of academic focus and personal development. See what our teachers and students have to say about the programme.

Meet Your 4th Year Teachers

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