Summer Online Grinds for 3rd Year Students

Monday 22 June – Friday 17 July 2020

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At The Institute of Education we understand the challenges that students have faced over the last number of months. That’s why we have completely redesigned our summer courses for this year, identifying the most effective ways of delivering our exceptional teaching while allowing students to stay within the comfort of their own home.

The Summer 2020 Online Preparation Course is a short, engaging, exam orientated course aimed specifically at students entering 3rd year of the Junior Cycle.

The course provides students with a unique blend of daily live online classes and pre-recorded video tutorials, all supported by The Institute of Education’s legendary exam-focused notes, which will be printed and delivered free of charge in advance of the course.

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Students attending the 3rd year Online Summer Grinds receive the following benefits:

  • A unique blend of daily live classes and pre-recorded video content, all delivered by our expert teachers.
  • The opportunity to interact with teachers and ask questions during daily online live classes.
  • Access to pre-recorded video content to support class-room tuition, which students can review in their own time and play, pause and replay multiple times.
  • Comprehensive, exam-focused course notes, which will be printed and delivered free of charge nationwide.


To learn more about what will be covered in each subject, please select from the list below:



Detailed course content for English will be published shortly.



This intensive Irish course is designed to introduce students to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Gaeilge exam. Emphasis will be placed on developing key skills as outlined in the curriculum.  Students will be given guidelines on how to plan and construct effective writing exercises in relation to the ‘ceapadóireacht’ section of the exam paper. 


Speaking Irish will be encouraged throughout this interactive course and special focus will be placed on the Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Listening Skills and all areas of literature. Key notes will be provided on a selection of the texts regarding poetry, short stories and drama from the prescribed material. 


The higher level exam is worth 90% of the overall grade, close attention will be paid to exam technique and exam style questions will be answered in class. 



A Junior Cycle Maths course like no other. Get ahead of the curve with your Maths skills before the new school year, experience exam style question prep and most importantly, have fun while doing so.


Maths is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable when learned in an interactive and engaging manner, which is what our exert Maths Teacher, Stephanie Mulligan delivers in our Maths Summer Camps.


This year’s course will be delivered online through a blended approach. Students will interchange between live tuition and recorded videos, which they can re-watch at their leisure.


The course will be delivered in 3 distinct sections:


First, the focus will be on developing the skills required by each of the 5 Strands on the Junior Cycle Maths syllabus:


Strand 1: Statistics and Probability

Strand 2: Geometry and Trigonometry

Strand 3: Number

Strand 4: Algebra

Strand 5: Functions


Secondly, a full day will be devoted to unification of the strands. This will develop an understanding and appreciation of how each mathematical topic we accomplish, enhances and strengthens multiple other areas of the course. There is strong cross-topical linkage within the Project Maths syllabus at Leaving Cert and the new Junior Cycle exam aims to develop an appreciation for this early on in students’ Mathematical education. It is a skill that is often overlooked and spending time working on it with Stephanie Mulligan during our Summer Camp will reap significant benefits to the students’ experience with Maths going forward.


The final day of our course will focus solely on Maths in the the real-world. You will explore the practical applications and advantages of Maths literacy from the perspective of a Carpenter, Builder, Architect, Scientist, Medical Researcher, Engineer, Politician, Business Manager, Stock Broker, Households in general and much more. We will put on our “Maths Eyes” and look for applications of Maths all around us. There will be a lot of exam style question of this nature provided, which we will practice together. This not only provides for excellent exam preparation but brings our Mathematical learning to life. When we can see and work with Maths in the real-world, it becomes relatable, interesting and even enjoyable.


This course is tailored for all levels of abilty. So whether you are somebody who missed some school and needs to catch up, finds Maths difficult and would like that to change, loves Maths and is eager for more, wants to do Higher Level Leaving Cert Maths and want to get on track for that now  or if you just enjoy problem-solving and want an interesting Summer experience, this course has is for you!

Mon 22 June- Fri 26 June 20209.30m- 1pmEnglish
Mon 29 June- Fri 3 July 20209.30am- 1pmMaths
Mon 06 July- Fri 10 July 20209.30am- 1pmIrish
**3 for 2 Special Offer!**
Book your place now and get three subjects for the price of two

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3 subjects€525

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  • Credit Card payments accepted
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, enrolled on the same courses. Please contact our office at 01 661 3511 to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable

Please click on each question below for an answer: 


Q: How long is each course?

A:       Each online course runs over 5 days, Monday – Friday. The course requires 3.5 hours of student engagement per day.


Q: What is the format of the course?

A:       The course consists of a blend of live online classes and pre-recorded video content. Students receive approximately 1.5 hours of live tuition each day and two hours of pre-recorded video tutorials. Live online classes are split into two or three sessions per day, starting no later than 9.30am and ending no later than 1pm. The maximum duration of any of the individual pre-recorded video tutorials is 30 minutes.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of courses I have access to?

A:       You can enrol for any number and any combination of courses you wish from our Summer 2020 Online Revision Course timetable. You will only have access to the courses and notes for the subjects for which you have enrolled.


Q: Is it possible to receive copies of the Institute’s class notes?

A:       Yes. Our online classes are supported by the Institute’s exam-focused class notes which will be delivered to students homes FREE of charge. In order to guarantee delivery of notes in time for the commencement of the course, students are advised to book their place at least two weeks in advance.


Q: How will I access my online courses?

A:       We will email you a link to the pre-recorded classes, for which you are enrolled, along with a unique password


Q: Who do I contact if I have difficulty accessing my online classes?

A:       If you experience difficulties accessing your classes please email

A: Yes, the content on this course will be different.