Summer Language Course

For students entering 5th & 6th Year

 15th – 26th July 2024

Our 2024 Summer Language Courses are now concluded.

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Our 2-week intensive Summer Language Courses are designed to help students entering 5th and 6th year improve their French, German & Spanish language skills. Our experienced and skilled teachers deliver these courses in the immersive classroom environment where students can improve oral and written fluency, expression, and comprehension in the Senior Cycle curriculum.

All classes take place onsite at our campus on Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

Students attending these classes receive the following benefits:

  • Tuition from highly qualified and experienced educators.
  • Comprehensive, exam focused course notes, which support classroom tuition.
  • Strategies for maximising exam performance.
  • Improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and conversational technique.

Due to planned maintenance, online enrolment for this course will be unavailable from 9am – 5pm,

Saturday 29th June.

To learn more about what will be covered in each class, please select from the subject list below:


French (H)

This course gives a comprehensive overview of key elements of the Leaving Certificate Higher Level French syllabus.
Topics from:
  • Grammar: 5 core tenses, the subjunctive, and many key grammar structures
  • Reading and Listening Exam techniques and vocabulary
  • Written production: Narrative story, Diary entry, Opinion piece, Fax/Email
  • Oral preparation: the new oral examination topics, the document


German (H)
This German Language course will develop and reinforce the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while concentrating on the skills and Grammar required for the Leaving Certificate Exam 2024-2025
Topics include:
  • The course will cover journalistic and literary Reading comprehension practice with in-depth concentration on answering skills and techniques for the exam paper.
  • Leaving Certificate German Oral format and marking scheme will be covered in detail including some roleplays and pictures sequences for 2024-25
  • General Questions topics will be covered for the Oral and letter writing section
  • Productive writing techniques and essential Grammar needed for the written paper and Oral exam
  • Essential Grammar areas covered … Tenses/ Cases / Word Order / Relative pronoun / Sentence Structure
  • Aural comprehension practice with emphasis on essential skills required for the aural exam using online authentic listening material.
  • The course will concentrate on building up and developing the student’s communicative skills in written and oral proficiency
  • Some aspects of German Culture, Literature, and Film will be covered.


Spanish (H)

This course is designed to prepare students for all aspects of the Leaving Cert Higher Level Spanish exam.

  • General overview of the Exam Paper.
Reading Comprehension
  • Exam techniques and vocabulary from past papers.
  • Opinion piece (Structure, topics, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions…)
  • Writing techniques for Dialogue construction, Diary entry and Note.
  • Sentence building. Work on common errors.
Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary from past papers
  • Vocabulary for the weather report
  • Strategies to maximise marks
Key Grammar points
  • Verbs: present, future, conditional, 3 past tenses, subjunctive, imperative and gerund
  • Some special verbs: gustar, ser and estar
  • Pronouns
  • Synonyms and False Friends
  • Understanding the oral exam.
  • Interview. Expanding on common topics.
  • Sample answers.
  • Role-plays – preparation.

The following are the times when each language’s class will be held;

Monday 15th – Friday 26th July 2024

European Languages (French, German, Spanish)
Classes take place each day from 10:00-13:00

Please note:

  • All classes take place on our main school campus, 79-85 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

The following are the fees that will apply to this Summer Language Course

  • €595

Please note:

  • Credit Card payments accepted.
  • If you can attend 1 week only, we will provide a 30% discount – Contact our office on 01 661 3511 to avail of this discount.
  • 10% reduction for the second and subsequent members of the same family, attending the same courses. Please contact our office to avail of this discount.
  • Fees are non-transferable.
Q: Are the class notes available online?

A: No, a hard copy will be provided to each student from the teacher for the subjects they enrol in.


Q: How long is each class?

A: Each class will run over 3 hours each day.


Q: How much is the fee per class?

A: Please refer to the fees table to see a list of fees.


Q: Is attendance at courses monitored?

A: Yes, students are required to sign a roll sheet at each class they attend. The Institute however accepts no responsibility for students who fail to attend class.


Q: Are the classes conducted ‘lecture style’ or are students free to ask questions?

A: Our classes are interactive and our teachers use a variety of methods to ensure that students can ask questions and contribute to the class.


Q: My son/daughter cannot attended the course. Can we buy the notes?

A: No. Teaching is a central part of all our courses. The notes are to facilitate recall and revision of the day’s work covered by the teacher.