The Institute of Education’s Elevate Programme is designed to help students achieve their full academic potential through honing in on their strengths and addressing barriers to effective learning.

Unlike traditional study skills programmes our Elevate Programme is tailored around the learning needs of each individual student and provides them with personalised solutions to help them overcome any barriers to effective learning.


The programme follows five key steps:


  1. Assessment of needs: Student’s will identify their individual study needs through the completion of a Self-Assessment Questionnaire(SAQ)  – leading to an informative student insight profile
  2. Individualised supports: On completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire students will receive an individualised student insight profile and a range of personalised supports to help build strengths and overcome any barriers to effective learning.
  3. Online lessons: Students will have the opportunity to attend a series of online lessons, which include interactive discussion and Q&A.
  4. Progress Tracking:  The programme takes approximately 4 weeks to complete with access to resources throughout the year.  Progress and engagement will be monitored and reassessed throughout the course with additional tasks and challenges available
  5. Development of a growth mind set: Through actively engaging with this programme students will be supported to make positive changes to their behaviour, develop a growth mind set and ultimately become more focused and effective learners


To celebrate the launch of this exciting new programme the Institute is offering FREE access to our Elevate programme to all students who enrol in our weekly grinds programme before 13 September 2021.

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