Welcome to The Institute of Education. As Principal of the school, it is my role to ensure that every student who comes through our doors receives the care and support they need in order to develop academically and holistically to the best of their abilities.

At The Institute of Education, we provide a focused, flexible and complete education experience. Our full-time day school provides an environment where students can maximise their academic capabilities while also developing the confidence and maturity to thrive as they move through the education system to third level and on to their chosen careers.

As always, the safety and well-being of our students is paramount in our preparations for the new academic year. We have implemented a range of measures to ensure that our students’ education will not be compromised because of the uncertainty posed by COVID-19. The following is a summary of what our students can expect:

  • Increased teaching team: Our team of exceptional educators are the most experienced teaching team in Ireland. Our teaching team will continue to provide support for students both during and after class ensuring students make excellent progress during the academic year.
  • Reduced class sizes: We have reduced our class sizes to ensure that our teachers will continue to build a strong working rapport with their students. We believe that when motivated students work with exceptional teachers, they will achieve their potential.
  • Live-streaming and recording of classes: All classes in the school will be live-streamed and recorded. This will provide students with the option to attend classes virtually or in person. Students will also find the class recordings an extremely useful resource, particularly when revising for assessments.
  • Virtual learning option: Students have the option to attend our full-time school and receive their full timetable of classes as virtual students. Students taking this option will be able to interact with their teachers, attend tutorials, participate in extra-curricular activities and receive ongoing support from our year heads, guidance and wellbeing teams.
  • Class Notes: Students will be provided with their class notes monthly. This will facilitate students who may prefer to attend classes virtually.
  • Increased classroom space: We have increased the number of classrooms on our campus to ensure the safety of our staff and students.
  • Increased lunchroom facilities: Students will be encouraged to remain in a bubble during lunch times.
  • Regular assessments: We will continue to hold regular assessments in all classes. These assessments enable our teachers to maintain up-to-date records of their student’s progress. These records were essential when providing predictive grades to our 6th year students in June. Our year heads will liaise with teachers, students, and parents regarding each student’s progress.
  • Student support: All students will be supported by our academic mentors and year heads who will be available to meet with them at regular intervals. We have also increased our guidance team in the school and students are encouraged to meet with the guidance and study teams regularly.

The Institute of Education’s COVID-19 Response plan outlines all of the measures we are taking to provide a safe and effective learning environment for our students. To view this plan please click here

We are continuing to accept applications for our 4th and 6th Year full-time school and are operating a wait list for our 5th year programme. If you are interested in joining our exceptional school please contact admissions@instituteofeducation.ie or phone 01 6613511 to arrange to meet our Head of Admissions. For convenience we are currently conducting these meetings online.

My door is always open and I am here to support both the students and their parents, to ensure their experience here is the best it can possibly be.

Yvonne O’Toole