Michael Doran

Michael has been teaching History since 1994 and Geography since 1995 at The Institute of Education. His extensive experience also includes serving as an examiner for the Leaving Cert exams in both History and Geography, working closely with the State Examinations Commission. Additionally, he plays a vital role as an adviser in creating History mock exam papers.

His commitment to education extends to writing educational materials, as he is the author of ‘Geography Extra!’, a handbook aimed at helping students excel in the Leaving Cert Higher Level Geography exam. Furthermore, Michael has authored an Irish History Textbook titled ‘Movements for Political and Social Reform, 1870-1914’.

His dedication to student success goes beyond the classroom, as he has made appearances on radio programs to provide valuable advice to students in preparation for their exams. Outside of his work at The Institute of Education, Michael contributes to the educational community by offering courses on History for UCD Access and Lifelong Learning.