Oliver Murphy

Oliver Murphy has been a teacher of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics for over 40 years. He is the author of Fundamental Applied Mathematics, the best-selling Applied Maths book in Ireland. He is also on the team of teachers who have written the best-selling Maths series, Active Maths. Oliver Murphy taught for 33 years in Belvedere College and the Institute of Education, making his mark as a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of Maths and Applied Maths.

In 1998, Oliver Murphy was the first winner of the Victor Graham Perpetual Trophy for achievement in Applied Mathematics, awarded by the Institute for Numerical and Computational Analysis. In 2009, Oliver Murphy was appointed Headmaster of St Vincent’s Castleknock College. As well as being Headmaster, Oliver Murphy continued to teach the subjects he loves most: Maths and Applied Maths.

In 2005, he was appointed as the first Chairman of the newly-formed Irish Applied Maths Teachers’ Association (IAMTA). Oliver Murphy has now re-joined the Institute of Education as a teacher of Maths and Applied Maths. Here he will continue to inspire young people to understand, master and love these wonderful subjects.