Yun Wu

Yun Wu is a native Chinese speaker with more than 10 years teaching experience. Among her roles she has taught Chinese language in the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland. She holds a National Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) – Level 1- A certificate, which is the highest professional Chinese language qualification required for presenters in national and provincial radio and television in China. She majored in Broadcasting and Hosting and worked in a Chinese radio station for 10 years. She was awarded the First Prize of the Chinese Broadcasting and TV News Prize in 2002 (the highest accolade awarded to journalists in China).

Yun has vast experience not only teaching but also working as HSK and YCT examiner. She became a state oral examiner for Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese in 2022. Yun provides additional support to suit students’ needs, such as small group and individual tutorials, and masterclasses for Chinese oral and writing.

In addition to delivering Leaving Certificate Chinese classes to 5th and 6th years, Yun also runs a range of extra curricular activities for our students including: Chinese spring festive workshops, film sessions, singing sessions and shuttlecock sessions.  She also arranges and Asia market shopping sessions for our 4th year students to give them an opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic Chinese language and culture in preparation for their Leaving Cert studies.