5th Year Students Compete at the Oxford Union Debating Finals


Congratulations to 5th year students Edward DeBono and Lucy Cronnelly who travelled to Oxford last weekend to represent the school at the Oxford Union Debating Finals.


After so many debates moving online during the Covid lockdowns, this was the first opportunity for the students to debate in person. The debate took place in the world famous Oxford Union chamber with over 100 teams from across 4 continents taking part in an intense and long day of debate. Through their four rounds they covered motions on Universal Basic Income, parent and child inflated expectations, social media, and won first in their room for their handling questions of Citizen Journalism.


Reaching this level of competition in debating is an incredible achievement and we are immensely proud of both Edward and Lucy.  Special thanks goes to David Connolly, Head of Extracurricular Activities in the school for his support and encouragement.