6th year Rhys Mordaunt wins at BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp

Congratulations to Rhys Mordaunt for his recent success at this year’s BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp. Rhys and his team mates (from other schools around the country) were awarded the group prize for promoting a “Reusable Braille Translator”. The aim of this device is to enhance the experiences of visually impaired people while reading and surfing the web, by converting text into braille form.
The BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp is run in partnership with the innovation team of UCD Research and Innovation. It aims to give students the commercialisation skills they need to develop their BT Young Scientist & Technology project ideas.


Above: 6th year at The Institute of Education, Rhys Mordaunt (fourth from the left) and his teammates. Photo credit: BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp