DCU Academic Scholarship Award

We are delighted to celebrate 9 of our Leaving Cert 2020 students who not only received a college place in Dublin City University but also received an Academic Scholarship Award from DCU for their performance in the Leaving Certificate, achieving over 550 CAO points.

Each student is individually recognised by both ourselves and DCU for their achievement. DCU provided the students with a monetary award and a commemorative plaque for each student has also been presented to us, to display in our school.

The students who received this award are (in no particular order):

  • Grace Carrick – BSc in Psychology
  • Abigail Carroll – BA in Global Business (France)
  • Aoife Kelly – BA in Accounting and Finance
  • Sol Lee – Common Entry into Engineering
  • Jicheng Liu – BSc in Actuarial Mathematics
  • Eoin Mulvaney –  BA in Accounting and Finance
  • Katie Allen – BSc in Actuarial Mathematics
  • Kevin O’Brien – BA in Economics, Politics and Law
  • Sneha Veerappan – Common Entry into Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Join us in congratulating all recipients of a DCU Academic Scholarship from the Leaving Cert 2020.

We wish each and every student great success in their academic journey with DCU.

DCU Academic Scholarship Award