Mathematics Paper 2 (O): A Snappy Resolution That Should Leave Students Relieved And Assured

Leaving Certificate Maths Paper 1 Orindary Level Analysis

Reaction to 2024 Leaving Certificate Mathematics Paper 2 (Ordinary Level) by Jean Kelly, Mathematics teacher at The Institute of Education.

  • This paper asked on every element of the course set for Paper 2, even the rarely seen Sets.
  • Questions were short, precise and unambiguous

Many students will have left the exam hall on Friday bolstered by an accessible Paper 1 and driven to prepare for Paper 2. Those students will feel a reassuring sense of resolution as their work paid off. The questions drew from well-worn material that students will have covered countless times in the run up to their examinations. Those who worked through the sample paper will recognise the nearly identical Q3 (B) and Q4 (C). The questions were short and to the point, leaving no room to get lost in lengthy workings. Some will have felt that the paper led their hand through the material in a way that would be reassuring.

The questions asked on everything, even the rarely seen Sets which made its third appearance in 14 years. Despite the breadth of the material, the questions were snappy and neatly itemized so students could deal with each bit individually. While some parts were heavy in Statistics and Probability, students will be relieved that their archnemesis trigonometry made only a quick appearance.

The students sitting this paper knew exactly what they were being asked to do and should leave with a clear appraisal of how they performed, with many happy that they have secured what they need for their courses. All in all, a good resolution to their time with Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Maths.