My 4th Year Experience: Volunteering at the Kilkenny Shop

Volunteering Kilkenny Shop

“Before Christmas, I volunteered at Kilkenny Shop wrapping gifts to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. We had a two-hour training session where the staff taught us how to gift-wrap. We also learned about the history of the Kilkenny Shop during the training.

I volunteered on a Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm.The shop was really busy and there were long queues of customers who needed their gifts to be wrapped. The customers were all so nice – even when I was slow at wrapping! Mary the manager and all the staff at Kilkenny Shop helped me a lot during my volunteering hours. They taught me how to wrap the irregular shaped gifts and to tidy my workspace. Mary also taught me a very important lesson in customer service: “Customer experience is incredibly important. We must ensure that customers have the best experience, possible.” I had a memorable time volunteering at Kilkenny Shop and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it to others in 4th year.” – Naomi Qiu, 4th Year