Preparations for the new school term

Our priority at The Institute of Education is to provide excellent tuition for our students in a safe environment and our team have been working throughout the summer to ensure that our school will be prepared to welcome all students back to school in September.

The following points outline the actions we have taken to support our students. Yvonne O’Toole explains these points in the following video which you can view by clicking here.



Start of term, timetable flexibility and teaching enhancements

  • All students have received a link to create their own timetable. Our timetable provides students with the flexibility to choose subjects and teachers. The school team are available to assist with timetable queries throughout the month of August. This will allow a seamless start to the new academic year.
  • Assembly will take place for students during the week of August 31st. For those of you unable to attend assembly we will also deliver a series of webinars during that week.  Students will be provided with further information regarding school life at each webinar. They will also have an opportunity to ask questions during these information events.
  • We have increased our teaching team at The Institute of Education for September 2020. Our team of exceptional educators are the most experienced teaching team in Ireland. They will be available to advise and support students throughout the year.
  • Our class sizes will be reduced in September to ensure that our teachers will continue to build a strong working rapport with students. We believe that when motivated students work with exceptional teachers, they will achieve their potential. Our teachers will provide support for students both during and after class will ensure that students make excellent progress during the academic year.
  • We have increased the number of classrooms and lunchrooms on our campus to ensure the safety of our staff and students. Students will be encouraged to remain in a bubble during lunch times and our ambassadors will be available to ensure that our students remain safe.


Extra Supports

  • All classes in the school will be streamed and recorded. This will provide students with the option to attend classes virtually or in person. Students will also find the class recordings an extremely useful resource, particularly when revising for assessments.
  • Students will be provided with their notes monthly. This will facilitate students who may prefer to attend classes virtually. All notes for September will be distributed at assembly.


Study Hall

  • The supervised study hall will be available for 6th year students from 7.30 am to 9pm.
  • Fifth year supervised study will be available for students from 7.30 am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and 3.30 on Friday.
  • The capacity in the study hall will be reduced to ensure the safety of students.


Assessments, feedback and the pastoral team

  • Regular assessments will take place in all classes and the year heads, Liam Dingle and Hugh Brett will liaise with teachers, students, and parents regarding each student’s progress.
  • All students will be encouraged by our academic mentors and year heads who will be available to meet with them at regular intervals.
  • Formal assessments will take place in classes at mid-term and Christmas. All results will be available on Moodle.
  • We have increased our guidance team in the school and students are encouraged to meet with the guidance and study teams regularly. Details will be given to students at assembly.



  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the campus for students. We will encourage all students to practice regular hand washing throughout the school day.
  • We have increased our cleaning team to ensure that the school is regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • Internal doors will remain open (where possible) to ensure seamless movement throughout the school.