School Announcement

Yvonne O'Toole & Peter Kearns

Today The Institute of Education has joined the Dukes Education family, an international schools group with more than 32 schools across the UK and Europe.  The Institute and Dukes Education both share a common vision, shared values and a strong culture of excellence.

The Institute of Education has always had and will continue to have ambitious plans for the future. Aligned now with Dukes Education we are confident that we will continue to pioneer excellence in education for the years ahead.

There will be no change in any way in the day-to-day routine.  It is therefore very much a case of business as usual, with our excellent team of teachers remaining intensely focussed on the important work at hand, given the imminence of the 2023 exam season.

The great strength of The Institute and its enviable history which we have sustained over many decades, is the quality of its teaching staff and that along with delivering great academic outcomes for our students, will remain our priority into the future.

Yvonne O’Toole will continue to be Principal of The Institute. There are no other planned changes at this time.

Today’s announcement is a very positive development for The Institute and bodes very well for its future prosperity and growth.