Student Spotlight: Lailatul Rahman – Oxford Excellence Award

Lailatul Rahman

Last summer we shared the amazing news that current 6th year student Lailatul Rahman had been offered a place at the Oxford University Summer Course in the UK for Summer 2021. She applied to do their medical course which ran during the Summer. As part of that opportunity she had the chance to stay on campus at the University in Oxford, and experience everything that the University has to offer.

Now, we have a brilliant update on what Lailatul achieved during here time there. During the course students were given an assignment during their “Human Health” module. For this, Lailatul created a document focusing on Cystic Fibrosis, specifically the role of anaerobic bacteria. Among her peers also on the course in the University, her assignment was highly regarded. Recently it was also recognised by the Programme Directors and lecturers at the University in Oxford and Lailatul had received an “Excellence Award” for her work.

This is a huge achievement for Lailatul, to have her work recognised in this way by the faculty of one of the most prestigious and highly regarded universities in the world. Congratulations to Lailatul on this incredible achievement.