Yearbook 2019-2020

We are delighted to publish our 2019-2020 school yearbook for everyone to see. Many thanks to all the students who contributed to it this year and congratulations to them on all the awards and successes that they have achieved over

4th Year Graduation 2019

Congratulations to all our 4th year students, who took part in a very special graduation ceremony in the school last Friday to mark the completion of their 4th year programme at the Institute. During the evening, students showcased their wide

SciFest Investigations

Our 4th year students took their learning outside the classroom yesterday, when they took part in a scientific study investigating the accuracy of Fitbit technology. 15 students took part in the study, which is forming part of a SciFest project

SUAS Mentoring

A group of our 4th year students are starting their SUAS placement in local schools this week, where they will be helping children from disadvantaged communities improve their numeracy and literacy skills. The students have completed a 4 hour training