Webinar series on US College Applications for 2021

US College Applications

Students who are interested in applying to US based Colleges next year may be interested in attending a series of Webinars by Crimson Education from 26- 29th May. This series will comprise four intensive, interactive sessions on the key parts of the US college preparation process and will be delivered by Senior Crimson Strategist and Harvard graduate George Baxter.

The sessions are designed primarily for students who are seriously considering the US as a study destination but may be of interest to anyone who is keen to learn more about the options and process in order to make informed choices.

The following is an outline of what students can expect to hear during these sessions:


Title: An Overview of US Admissions 

Date and Time: Tuesday 26th May from 6.30-8.00pm


  • What are the options? An overview of the US college landscape
  • Why consider the US? The distinguishing features of a US college education
  • Global competition and admissions trends
  • What are admissions officers looking for?
  • How to navigate the application process

Title: Essay Writing

Date and Time: Wednesday 27th May from 6.30-8.00pm


  • The dos and don’ts of US college essays, with insights from admissions officers
  • How to deliver and essay that shows what makes you special – strengths, passions and aptitudes
  • How to be unique and stand out from thousands of others
  • Case studies of outstanding essays
  • Authentically tailoring your essay to your dream university

Title: Standardised Testing: the SAT and ACT

Date and Time: Thursday 28th May from 6.30-8.00pm


  • Should I take the SAT or ACT? A comparative analysis
  • What score do you need for your dream university?
  • How to prepare and maximise your chances of success
  • How standardised testing fits into the wider application; weightings and strategy

Title: Extracurricular Activities and Personal Branding 

Date and Time: Friday 29th May from 6.30-8.00pm


  • How to brainstorm an outstanding capstone project
  • How to describe extracurriculars and quantify their impact
  • How to take each extracurricular to the next level and give yourself the ultimate edge
  • Receive resources to support you in your project (incl. techniques for funding and more)
  • Learn how to translate these experiences onto CVs and college applications


Resources and exercises will be shared in advance of the sessions.


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