Building Resilience: A Talk by Richard Hogan, Head of 5th year

Last night, our head of 5th year Richard Hogan spoke to over one hundred parents about the importance of instilling resilience in their children. Richard stressed that even though the conversation around mental health is much needed, it is often framed in a way that offers little solution. We are told to promote mental health and build resilience, but are rarely given the tools or advice to achieve this.

This followed two articles that were recently published in the Irish Examiner, in which Richard shared his expertise on building resilience and how to model resilience as an example for your children.

We are delighted to share that Richard will be holding another talk on the subject in November. This anticipated lecture will be geared towards parents of 6th year students, in the hopes of advising them how to approach the year ahead.

You can watch Richard Hogan speak to Ireland AM about building resilience, here.

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