Christmas Studying – Top 5 Tips from Orla Ní Shúilleabháin

Study Effectively at Christmas Cover

Our Academic Mentor, Orla Ní Shúilleabháin, knows that the Christmas break is a very important time when it comes to preparing for exams. To help you get prepared and and structure your studying over the break, she has 5 Top Tips that will help you.

  1. Study/Life Balance: Create an effective study plan (what and when you will study) and set a timeframe.
  2. Days of Rest: Allocate a number of day where you’ll relax and switch off – it’s been a long term!
  3. Look after yourself: Make time for yourself and make sure to get enough rest, exercise, and relaxation.
  4. Goal setting: Create a set of goals for you time off to help you get organised and focus on what you need to prioritise and achieve.
  5. Take regular breaks: Work on the principle that when you are studying, you are studying. When you aren’t, take the time to relax and totally switch off.

While these are 5 helpful tips there are also many other things you can do to maximise your study over the Christmas break. What other things do you do?

In her role as academic mentor here at The Institute, Orla has also developed an integrated study skills programme which assists students to maximise their potential across all subject areas. She is author of Revise Wise Study Skills And Exam Essentials published by Edco.