F1 In Schools – Our Teams


Two teams, comprising of 4th and 5th year students from The Institute of Education recently submitted entries to the F1 In Schools Competition.

Our 5th year team is called Omega Racing. The team members are Leo Font, Saul Higgins, Otis Doran and Bastien Saidi.

Our second team is called Sirocco Racing. The team members are: Kelly Burns, Cora Keogh, Leen Idris, Radu McGill (4th Year) and Alex Cheung (4th Year)

As a school community, we are very proud that both of our teams have made it through to the National Finals of this prestigious competition. We wish them all the very best.

We contacted the Institute’s Omega Racing Team to find out more about the competition.

The project involves designing and building a model F1 Racing Car using CFD (Aerodynamic analysis) and CAD (Virtual 3D Design) software. A CO2 cartridge powers the car.

This is very much a team event and the team is required to function just as a real F1 Racing team would. The first task was to come up with a team name. Our name “Omega” comes from the Greek alphabet. It is the symbol for electrical resistance. After that, we had to create a logo for our brand.

Everyone on the team has a unique role. We assigned the roles based on our personal skills and interests.

Leo Font is our team leader. His role is to ensure clear communication between the team members. He also keeps us all on track and makes sure we are meeting our deadlines.

Saul Higgins is very good when it comes to art and drawing. He has also gained many skills from his studies of DCG, so we agreed that Saul would be the perfect person to take on the role of Graphic and Design Manager.

Otis Doran is our Marketing and Sponsorship Manager. He manages our social media channels and interacts with businesses that have the potential to become sponsors. He also liaises with the other F1 in schools teams to build our brand.

Bastien Saidi is very skilful in the area of coding, so he took on the role of Manufacturing and Resource Manager. As well as building our website, Bastien takes account of the resources and components we need to build the car. He coordinates with Saul to make sure that all the car’s parts fit together.

We are very excited to be selected to participate in the F1 in Schools National Finals.

Check out some images of the Team Omega Racing at work!