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Sample Notes

Students who attend The Institute of Education are provided with exclusive, exam-focussed study notes to support their home study and revision. Below are a sample of the high-quality Arabic notes they receive.

Top Tips

Arabic teachers from The Institute of Education share their secrets to success in the exam.

Practice practice practice!

  • Practice speaking Arabic with a friend from class. Ideally make a day or a lunch when you can only speak Arabic to each other. Chat about your daily routine and try introducing current affairs.
  • Prepare responses to common personal questions.
  • Avoid memorising scripts.
  • Use as many verbs as possible in your response, a minimum of seven verbs in each tense.
  • Avoid making the examiner work to assess your ability. For example, if the examiner asks ‘What did you do last weekend?’ don’t merely respond with a single activity. To demonstrate a good grasp of the language and an extensive vocabulary, cover the entire day from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night.
  • Link vocabulary with different verbs. Use both regular and irregular verbs for each tense.
  • Record the conversations and listen to them during the day instead of your music.

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