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What does it take to get a H1 in Higher Level Business?

Chris Webb, a past pupil from The Institute of Education who achieved a H1 in Leaving Cert higher level business, shares his top revision tips.

Be familiar with the language used

One of the most important tips I can give you is to be familiar with the way questions are phrased on the exam paper. Pay particular attention to the different verbs such as evaluate, explain, illustrate etc. at the beginning of questions. Knowing the differences between what the examiner is asking for with each of these words is key to gaining full marks for your answers.


The ABQ section of the paper is worth a huge 20% so pay particular attention to the units being asked. Always be sure to read the questions before reading the text, then underline or highlight any phrases you think you will need in your answer. Quoting from the text is essential in this part of the paper.

Short questions

Make sure you go back over the previous years’ papers, as these question are repeated year after year.

Practice exam technique

This is a three hour paper but you have a lot to do in that time. Take three or four minutes at the start of the exam to look over the long questions and see which ones you are going to answer. Do the ABQ first.

Make sure to have all your answers in the ABQ and long questions well-structured as this will make your answers clear for the examiner. Always state your point with a heading and then give a clear explanation of your answer.

Time management

Be strict with yourself on time management. Allow 25-28 minutes to answer each long question. Leave the short questions until last, and allow 20 minutes.

Sample Notes

Students who attend The Institute of Education are provided with exclusive, exam-focussed study notes to support their home study and revision. Below are a sample of the high-quality business notes they receive.

Ratio Analysis Tutorial

Ratio analysis is a topic that appears frequently on the higher and ordinary level Leaving Certificate business exam.

In this step-by-step tutorial, William Murphy, who has been teaching business at The Institute of Education for over 30 years, illustrates how students should answer this popular question to gain top marks.

Reaction to 2023 Business Exam

Each year, our exceptional teachers give their take on the Leaving Certificate higher level exam papers.

See what Keith Hannigan, Business teacher at The Institute of Education, had to say about the 2023 exam in this short video.

To read reactions to previous year’s business exam papers please visit our blog.

Top Tips

Keith Hannigan, business teacher at The Institute of Education, shares his secrets to success in the exam.


Practice as many past questions as you can. Sometimes questions that have appeared on the exam before come up again. Only allow yourself the exact time to answer them that you will have in the exam.

Use past papers and the marking scheme

Use to source all the past exam papers and more importantly, the marking schemes.

During the exam

Develop a plan for timing in the exam. Aim to get the short questions and the ABQ done in 70 minutes. Do not go over this.

Read the questions in the exam very carefully to make sure that you give the examiner the precise information required.

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