My 4th Year Experience: Barista Training

Barista Training in 4th year

“The highlight of my 4th year experience so far, was the Barista Training Course we did with Dublin Barista School. The course began on a Friday morning. A group of us from 4th year spent the whole day learning how to make multiple types of popular coffees and practicing our new skill. We also attempted to create some latte art. This was a great bonding experience. At the end of the day we invited students and teachers from the school to get a free coffee. After this, everyone who participated in the course had to complete an individual day of work experience in Dublin Barista School on Dawson Street or 9th Degree Coffee Shop on Westmorland Street. During the day of work experience, we attended the till, taking orders from customers. We also helped to make the orders towards the end of the day. Finally, everyone had to complete a series of online tests and watch explanatory videos to receive our level one certificate at the graduation ceremony at the end of the year.”  – Kerry Browne, 4th Year