Preparing for the Mocks

You are now entering the penultimate lap before the Leaving Certificate…

At this stage you will have covered most of the curriculum for each subject so there will be a lot of material you will need to revise. The next couple of weeks are about being smart in how you use your time. Now is the time to take stock and evaluate how to approach the time you have left before your mock exams.

To help you out, our study skills mentor, Orla Ní Shúilleabháin  has put together some simple yet effective steps to help you manage your time wisely over the coming weeks.

Prioritise: Assess what needs to be done. There will be gaps in some of your knowledge and you should prioritise any subject where extra time spent studying will result in additional marks or a higher grade. Remember that a few extra hours spent on a subject where you are likely to improve a grade will be far more beneficial than allocating the time to a subject where you have maximised your probable grade.

Plan: Make a two week plan and a daily organiser. It is worth spending time breaking down the key chapters or topics to be covered and writing these in on your timetable. This should ensure that you cover everything and that a specific time is allocated to it before the exam. It is vital to be strict with yourself on how your time is spent and to move on when the allocated time is up. This should be done on a subject by subject basis, remembering to prioritise the earlier and more difficult subjects such as English Maths & Irish.                                                                                    Download our Weekly Planner Template here.

Practice your Past Papers: In terms of study there is no substitute for questions from past papers. This gets you into the exam mode early and it helps with your time management, crucial when in the middle of the real thing!

Maintain a healthy study/life balance:  On a practical note, make sure you keep a good balance in your life – Eat well, Sleep regular hours and take appropriate breaks for relaxation in the middle of your study schedule and most important of all is to believe in yourself in your ability to achieve your true potential.

Believe in yourself and do not panic. Try to see the mocks as an opportunity to learn where your strengths lie. you will learn a lot of valuable lessons about yourself and how you approach exam scenarios. This will help you greatly when it comes to tackling the exams in June.

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