Webinar series on US College Applications for 2022

US College Applications

Students who are interested in applying to US based Colleges next year may be interested in attending a series of Webinars by Crimson Education on Thursday 18th, Thursday 25th, & Wednesday 31st March. This series will comprise four intensive, interactive sessions on the key parts of the US college preparation process and will be delivered by Stanford Admissions Officers, Isamar Vega, Martin Walsh, and Harvard Admissions Officer Devery Doran.

The sessions are designed primarily for students who are seriously considering the US as a study destination but may be of interest to anyone who is keen to learn more about the options and process in order to make informed choices.

The following is an outline of what students can expect to hear during these sessions:

Title: The Value of a US Education: An Expert Panel Discussion

In this webinar, there will be an expert panel for a discussion about the value of a US College education! The panelists will be sharing insights on a variety of topics regarding the value of the US.

Date and Time: Thursday 18th March from 6.30-8.00pm


  • Why study in the US?
  • What’s the application process like and what are Admissions Officers looking for?
  • What’s college experience like?
  • What’s life like after university?

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Title: Dreaming of Studying at Harvard?

How much do you really know about the most prestigious university in the US and what do you need to do to catch the eye of the admissions team? Find out from former Harvard Admissions Officer, Devery Doran.

Date and Time: Thursday  25th March from 6.30-8.00pm


  • An introduction to the US college landscape.
  • The key benefits of a Harvard education.
  • The application process and what Harvard admissions teams are looking for.
  • A look at the life of a Harvard student.
  • Harvard’s opportunities past graduation.

You can sign up for this webinar here.

Title: US University Application Workshop

What does it take to impress US college Admissions Officers? Join this webinar to find out from Martin Walsh, former Dean of Admissions at Stanford University, daring on his own experience to shed light on how decisions are made at the top US Colleges.

Date and Time: Wednesday 31st March from 6.30-8.00pm


  • The features and benefits of US colleges.
  • The US college admissions process, including:
    • Who do they admit?
    • What do they evaluate?
    • Why your major matters.
  • The US application process.
    • Trends impacting admissions decisions.

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Resources and exercises will be shared in advance of the sessions.
You can find out more about this webinar series here.