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Reaction to 2021 Classical Studies Exam

Each year, our exceptional teachers give their take on the Leaving Certificate higher level exam papers. Read what Tadgh McHugh, Classical Studies teacher at The Institute of Education, had to say about the 2021 exam below.

Reaction to Leaving Certificate 2021 Classical Studies (Higher Level) by Tadgh McHugh, Classical Studies teacher at The Institute of Education.

Overall this was a very fair and balanced paper that allowed students to play to their strengths.

There was a wide variety of choice within the topics themselves and across the groups. Questions were very clear and well written, and there was a fair breakdown and distribution of marks throughout the paper.

Due to changes to the exam this year, the time constraint of 20 minutes per question was removed and students could spend 30 minutes on each question.

There was a very nice choice of questions in Group 1, Topic 2 (Alexander the Great). Two of these questions would have required more in depth subject knowledge, which some students might have found tricky. However there were two other beautiful, straightforward questions that well prepared students would have had little difficulty with.

There was a nice broad range of questions in Group 3, Topic 10 (Roman Art & Architecture). The inclusion of amphitheatres and relief sculptures was very welcome to see here.

In Group 2, Topic 5 (Greek Drama), the questions were direct and straightforward, with a fantastic breakdown in the Sophocles and Oedipus question.

Students may have found the wording slightly tricky in one of the questions in Group 2, Topic 6 (Ancient Epics).

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