Patrick Fitzsimons

Patrick Fitzsimons is a Spanish teacher at the Institute for 4th Year and 5th year. He also runs the French debating club and the 6th year French and Spanish language clubs. He holds a First Class Honours degree in French

Maria Fenton

Maria Fenton is a Spanish teacher with 20 years’ experience.  She is the author of three Spanish textbooks: ¡Venga! Leaving Cert Spanish, Edco, 2020; ¿Qué pasa? 1 Junior Cycle Spanish, Edco 2017  and ¿Qué pasa? 2 Junior Cycle Spanish, Edco

Robbie Cronin

Robbie teaches Irish and Spanish and has worked for many years with the State Examinations Commission devising curricula and as an exam corrector. He was a member of the NCCA committees tasked with devising Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate courses.

Begona de la Fuente

Begoña is a native Spanish speaker with over 20 years experience of teaching Spanish. After obtaining her degree in Spanish Language and Literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid she completed a course to specialise in Teaching Spanish as a